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From the well draw water. Tinda na kitu a? Subjoined is a brief list of both a preposition and an adverb. This matter of the Future is only one example of the deeply interesting problems arising out of Northern Himalayan dialects. Thus in tesra the pos- sessor is masc, in team, the possessor is fern.

Mere tsatse ra tshoto tesri bauhne sathe beba honda a. Without their encouragement it would never have been under- taken.

Khulie kacha pani kaddha. This dialect very closely resembles MancatI, spoken furtlier up the Cinab between the border of Camba and the junction of the Candra and Bhaga rivers.


Himalzya used as nouns are declined as nouns, but adjectives qualifying nouns have the following declensions: The presence in all three dialects of what appears to be an organic Passive Participle, and the peculiarity of usage connected with it, have been alluded to in the Notes on the Verbs under each dialect.


Ij S ban diiro dan bandeau aya ii. It is found in the Gujarat! Sing, paiigh abna f. Kot Gurui has in addition a neuter form ietth, which is almost identical with the Kashmiri tath.

Bana C4 — Litoyé

Tesklie ain tippero rashshi sei banhdeo. Tliaie babe gauhra di ketre tshotu asa?

bana c4 himalaya mp3 gratuit

Participle atchl Icari, having come ; einebala, comer, about to come. Studies in Noftliern Himalayan Dialects was the first to be written ; it was privately printed in He is bigger than his sister.

Whether the r in the former is really part of the verb or not I do not feel sure.

bana c4 himalaya mp3 gratuit

Grxtuit genitive of nouns and pronouns is declined like adjectives in -a. Apparently the verb is in agree- ment with some fem, noun not expressed.

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Most adjectives may be used as adverbs. Eur mul dhae rupayya. Those ending in these letters have Obi. Select From Existing Playlist. On the south Curahi gives way to Cameali and Bhateali, the latter of which is a dialect of Dogri.

D5 mansa tSi near went. From whom didst thou buy that? Kauro tshotu tumS pa andau lago aundau? Enumeration is by twenties up to a hundred. Rosapaeda tarantella mp3 rhys bloodjoy gullivers manchester 1 8 15 mp3. These auxiliaries are inflected according to the subject, as: Mera bapa hocche ghora narauhas. Se rupoyo es hago nre lau.


Mera bab bapti us halke ghare andar raihnda hai. A similar doubt suggests itself in connection with the ending -6 for the 1st Sing.

Adjectives used as nouns ai-e declined as nouns, but when they qualify nouns they are not declined.

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Bhadrawahi, Bhalesiand Curahi form an interesting group and have much in common with each other. Sing, lot -au, PI. Install now bana c4 songs and lyrics with new music mp this free apps, easy to use and take it wherever you go.