The reform is expected to allow for a revenue-neutral gradual reduction in social contribution rates over the programme period by simplifying and harmonising the rates across the various funds now in place, while at the same time broadening the bases for contributions. The dangers of passive smoking in cars. Moreover, the forthcoming EU Cyber Security Strategy should further address the issue of standardisation. It is worth stressing that in the summers of and , the river and its surrounding effluent streams dried up to an abnormal extent at times, and that this could also have been caused by the abovementioned work. Is the Commission considering introducing or promoting such certifications throughout the Union? Does the Commission have plans to reconsider this matter?

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However, Spain has not yet submitted this plan. It has also developed specific programmes in schools to prevent early school leaving. The reform is expected to allow for a revenue-neutral gradual reduction in social contribution rates over the programme period by simplifying and harmonising the rates across the various funds now in place, while at the same time broadening the bases for contributions. Will it raise these concerns with the Government of the Kingdom of Spain? De redenering achter de in de mededeling over de blauwdruk gepresenteerde opties berust op het beginsel dat de democratische controle op politieke besluiten moet plaatsvinden op hetzelfde niveau als dat waarop deze besluiten worden genomen. Any infringements should be sanctioned in accordance with the national system of penalties, which are designed to be effective, proportional, dissuasive and non-discriminatory. Entry ban on two Belarusian civil society activists by Lithuanian authorities.

The real problems in the country are not due to a lack of laws to punish sex offenders, but to the fact that those laws are not genuinely and consistently enforced. OJ C E Restoration of crrack in Lourosa, Santa Maria da Feira.



The above operating expenses are financed from the administrative budget of the Commission. Will the Commission take this economic reality into account when drafting its revised guidelines and, in particular, authorise operating aid for airports with fewer vambin one million passengers?

Given the great number of parties involved, the Commission has selected samples of exporting producers in China and producers and importers in the Union, and has requested that they reply to specific questionnaires. Todas las medidas previstas en el plan tienen por objeto garantizar la solidez y la viabilidad del banco en cumplimiento de las normas sobre las ayudas estatales.

Greece focuses on youth work and youth centres in combating social exclusion. De lidstaten moeten de inzameling en verwerking van deze afvalstromen organiseren. Imposition of farm prices by major retailers: Privatisation of water services — the Commission’s response to NGOs. What, if anything, has the Commission done to rectify the situation, exposed in my previous questions to it, whereby sis can be randomly confiscated halfway through a journey when changing planes?

Role of the United Nations and its General Assembly.

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Is this a good bambln to energy recoverythrough incineration of non-recyclable waste? Increased financing for the European School Milk Scheme and reduction in national contribution.

For more information on the situation in the individual Member States, please see also the Commission-funded website http: The Commission will act if there is a breach of EU legislation, notably concerning the right to free movement of carers from other Member States.

Is the Commission aware of dealing in electrical and electronic waste between local authorities and uncertified dealers? Collective traumatic events repeated over time: These two savings banks in Galicia began marketing preferred shares in and respectively, raising millions of euros to expand their capital. Tutti i gruppi che partecipano alla raccolta forzata del cotone sono stati colpiti da vari problemi di salute a causa del duro lavoro e dell’orario eccesivo.


Such reports should include an evaluation of the positive and negative experiences with the implementation of the directive.

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The Commission is working towards the removal of all restrictions on the carriage of liquids in hand luggage. Tax relief for microbreweries versus micro cider producers. Member States have to ensure that the determination by the competent authorities is made available to the public.

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Purchase of trains — Region of Tuscany. Presumed irregularities in the hiring of Ryanair staff. Croatia’s accession to the European Union — state of play.

The Council undertook to continue to work tirelessly for peace and in the promotion of fundamental rights and values and to strive to make its external action more coherent, comprehensive and effective. Kafkaesque treatment of air passengers. Environmental rehabilitation of waterways in Santa Maria da Feira. These bans, if implemented, would de s create disruption within the single market as well as in the international trade of these goods.

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Is there, at EU level, any bambln with regard to the exchange of best practices and innovative techniques in the field of medical and health devices? After several companies were relocated, the workers were left unemployed, or took early retirement and, as well as Social Security benefits, began to receive the income support to which they were entitled from that Belgian company. Escalating aggression of the Israeli State towards the Palestinian people.

To counter this problem, one feasible option is to introduce certificates for personal care that certify the caretaker as well as the agent and agency.